TNT Party Plates

An image of Minecraft Inspired TNT small party dessert plates

Pack of 8

Each sturdy square plate measures 18 centimetres

Great additional products to really show off this range are these solid coloured items:

lime green



Just click on each link above to see what we have to offer and make your party planning a doddle!

View the entire TNT party range here!

Customer testimonial:
Excellent service throughout....  Item arrived earlier then I expected which was very convenient for me. Prompt reply to my order and quick dispatch. A very pleased customer.. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Just waiting for party day to arrive to blow it up.... I'm sure it will go down well :)
N Ali, 10th July 2013

JCB Stickers

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Football Cello Party Bags

An image of Championship Soccer Football party bags pack of 20

Jack Russell Cotton Apron

An image of an Ulster Weaverss Jack Russell 100% cotton apron

Jennies Farm Packable Bag

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