Owl Pal Invitations

An image of Owl Pal party invitations and envelopes from Party Stuff 4U

Pack of 8

Each invitation measures 10 x 12 centimetres / 4 x 5 inches

Attachments included for 3D effect!

Envelopes included

Get your Owl Pal party started in style!

Now, you've chosen your Owl Pal party theme, go ahead and select from our massive range of themed party tableware plus matching decorations and accessories!

The solid colour decorations and accessories to set this range off perfectly are PURPLE and LIME GREEN!

View all OWL PAL party supplies here!



Customer testimonial:
Really happy with my purchase - the birthday banner, hanging swirls and balloons are a decent size so I'm really pleased. Can't wait to see what my little boy will do when he see's them on his 2nd birthday :). Would recommend this item.
L Wilford, 15 January 2016

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