Cocktail Umbrellas

An image of cocktail umbrellas parasols in a generous pack of 10

Pack of 10


Each parasol pick measures approximately 9.5 centimetres.  

Assorted colours include red, green, blue, yellow and pink.  

Cocktail umbrellas are absolutely essential at all of Del Boy's parties, and we think they will be perfect at your party too!  Just make sure you look before you lean casually back onto the bar with your cocktail in hand!


Cocktail umbrellas are de rigeur at Del Boy's parties!

How to make Del Boy's favourite cocktail!

Not only is he brilliant at speaking French and running businesses, Del Boy is also a dab hand at making cocktails.  Obviously, his essential ingredient is at least one cocktail umbrella!

Caribbean Stallion:

Ingredients: 25 ml (1 oz) tequila, 25 ml (1 oz) Malibu, 25 ml (1 oz) crème de menthe, Smidgeon of Campari, Drop of Angostura bitters, Fresh grapefruit juice to taste, Slice of orange, wedge of lime and seasonal fruits to garnish

Method: Stir ingredients over ice in a mixing glass, strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with fruits and at least one cocktail umbrella, preferably two!

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Customer testimonial:
Hi Sam, I've just had a peek in the box!  Love the colours; the red is even nicer than in the pics!  Thank you for the candles, balloons and party blowers (in flame colours!).  Both my girls are jumping on the Party Stuff 4U packaging - giant bubble wrap!  Rachael can't wait for her dragon-inspired party.
Margeuerite Osborne, 31st October 2012

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