Hot Pink Party Napkins

An image of hot pink napkins

Pack of 20

Hot Pink Party Napkins

2 ply

Disposable, yet indispensable to complement your pink themed party!

33 cm x 33 cm

We stock lots of different plain hot pink party items for all your party needs.

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Want to make a statement with your party napkins?  The video clip below shows you how to make a peacock table decoration from your napkins within a minute or so.  Cack-handed as I am, I managed a very passable couple of peacocks.  Next time, I'm going to use a mixture of lilac, purple, pink and lime green napkins.

Customer testimonial:
Everything we ordered from Party Stuff 4U was perfect and arrived promptly. Our Golf themed party was great and very well decorated!
H Cossar, 2nd December 2014

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