Pink Plastic Cutlery

An image of baby pink plastic disposable party cutlery for 8 from Party Stuff 4U

8 Knives, forks & spoons

Baby Pink Plastic Party Cutlery


8 guests

Pack of 24 mixed knives/forks/spoons (8 of each item, as you might expect!)

Cut down on washing up and bin after use, or you can save for another party occasion and pop in the cutlery basket of your dishwasher.  I have a red set of Party Stuff 4u disposable cutlery and it has been through my dishwasher at least six times after various parties I have given.

Party Stuff 4u stocks a wide range of baby pink party products including party bags, plates, cups, cutlery, tablecloths, napkins, gift boxes and more!

Shop baby pink party accessories and decorations here!


Alternatively, have a go at creating something from your cutlery after the party - click on the link below for inspiration:

Customer testimonial:
We were very happy with the service and the quality of the Black Belt party items received.  
Chris Monks, 19th April 2014

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