Orange Party Bowls

An image of an orange plastic party bowl available from Party Stuff

Pack of 20

Capacity 355 ml


Suitable for serving party puddings or for party nibbles too!

Add another dimension to your party table with dessert bowls in your accent colour

Children's party pudding ideas - set some jellies in individual plastic dessert bowls in the fridge - make the day before for best results.  Good old squirty cream and a some milk and white chocolate buttons make a very acceptable topping and will look very impressive for the few seconds before it disappears!

Another easy pudding idea is a frozen Strawberry Cornetto or choc-ice, or a Muller corner fruit yoghurt.

As you would expect, Party Stuff 4u stocks a huge range of quality orange party goods for all your party needs. 

Shop orange partyware here!



Customer testimonial:
I especially love the pirate party range, including the skull and crossbones cupcake cases!! Excellent customer service and a very good product at a very good price.
J E Appleby, 18th August 2012

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