Red Plastic Cutlery

An image of red plastic party cutlery from Party Stuff 4U

24 pieces

Pack of 24 mixed knives/forks/spoons

ie, 8 of each knives, forks and spoons!!

Disposable, but will survive several runs through your dishwasher in the cutlery basket if you want to use it more than once.  Indeed, we have more than one set that has been used and admired at many Party Stuff 4u family events.

They make an even bigger contribution to the party table when you mix a couple of different coloured packs together.

The Party Stuff 4u red party ware range includes disposable red plates, cups, napkins, tablecovers, and this red cutlery.

Red party decorations available at Party Stuff 4u are very popular and include red polka dot party bunting, complemented by red polka dot party napkins and polka dot candles.

View our entire range of party cutlery here!

Customer testimonial:
Excellent Hawaiian party set brightened up the party and arrived the very next day! Thank you Party Stuff 4U
R Khan, 2nd September 2016

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